Wale – Routine (feat. Rick Ross & Meek Mill) [Official Lyrics Video]

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Mike Amiri put a hole in my jeans
I am playin
In a whole other league

Go to Philly then I go to Reddys
Then get a Roley
Then I get a bitch
And then I get a zip
And take a dip
I feel like Carson Weintz I got the wisdom
If a nigga sit the bench
I got funny Feelin’ that u niggas Fole’n


Still the coldest T
his the moment
I’m comin’ different Yo
Bape Folarin
No monkey bidness
Can’t HnM me

Shout out the women in Cape Town
Africa always a great time

Donald said all of us live in huts
I tell um dummy come to Lagos

All u niggas like to play tough
U really hatin’ cuz ya pay stub
Philly women
Really chillin wit me
Now I really can’t stop sayin jawn

The double em genius is back moe
See me sneak and wit fat boy

See they can sleep on my raps
They have

But who really really
could bag hoes?

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